Getting married in Italy

A wedding photographer Lake Garda wedding in Italy is a dream of many couples. Especially the wide view and furthermore the picturesque mountains. In addition, there is the Italian architecture. Nevertheless, as a Lake Garda wedding photographer, I capture all the special moments. Which happen on your beautiful day in Italy. Especially of your celebrating guests. About the special decoration. To every amorous look between you. After all, that’s what describes your story!
Most recently, I had a wedding abroad in the Maldives. And I was simply impressed. Especially by the wonderful free beach wedding in the sunset.

In short, just feel free to check out my Maldives wedding coverage HERE.

Wedding photographer Lake Garda Italy

Rightly, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Better said, it is also known as Lago di Garda. Above all, its length is a full 51.6 km and is 17.2 km in width. Even as a wedding photographer, Lake Garda in Italy is a particularly magical place. By the way, it is located directly between the northern Alps. Especially the olive trees have done it to me and exude an Italian flair.&nbsp

As far as everyone knows, Lake Garda is a popular tourist destination. Although not only for tourists, but also for brides and grooms. Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants around the lake. To be able to celebrate your beautiful day, you should consider some things. Sometimes especially the season from the end of March to the beginning of October. Accordingly, you want to get married in this period: Then you should ask in time your favorite location