Ireland - The land of fairies & magic. Picturesque mountain landscapes as far as the eye can see, framed by the rough sea. A fresh breeze and now and then a light rain shower. That describes Ireland very well. It's dreamlike to experience the nature and just take a breath. This wonderful little green island offers so many beautiful wedding locations. By the way, I live both in Hamburg and Ireland, as my boyfriend is Irish.

On your special day, I'll photograph the precious moments between you lovers and your guests. Capturing unique details, the atmosphere and everything that describes your love story.



Ireland - a very special place to get married

This evergreen island is located in the Atlantic Ocean beside the UK. The best travel months are May to September when there are warmer temperatures, more sunshine and perhaps a rainbow from the inevitable occasional shower. Weddings in Ireland have something very special and unique. From the breathtaking landscape to the enchanting people and culture, there is no better setting for a really special celebration. 

What makes Ireland special? The cliffs! The mountains, the sheep, the waterfalls, the bays, the rough waves on the west coast and so much more. I find the old castles and ruins in Ireland especially mystical and interesting. Many of these old castles can be visited and photographed. Imagine yourself getting married in such a location! What a special feeling and undoubtedly incredibly beautiful pictures.