As a wedding photographer Mallorca I have found my dream job. Already for 10 years I photograph and accompany beautiful weddings. Especially wedding photography I love very much. What is especially important to me is to capture all the important moments of the bride and groom. Especially on Mallorca many German couples get married. Because it is their favorite island. And you can not only celebrate, but also marry romantically. Especially in fincas you can stay relaxed. Here free wedding ceremonies take place with all your favorite guests. But Mallorca is popular with everyone and offers many beautiful corners to discover.

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Wedding photographer Mallorca

Especially these facts about Mallorca are interesting. Because did you know: Mallorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. And very popular vacation destination of the Germans. Why only vacation every year? Because you should get married in Mallorca! Because this is a dream of many bridal couples. Moreover, the flights are short and cheap. And there are incredibly beautiful fincas for the whole family. And not to forget to get married. Furthermore with the weather you have more luck than in Germany. But the warmth that tickles you under the skin and this special vacation feeling. Because you can hardly start a wedding more relaxed.

Wedding photography by Sarah Russ in Mallorca

Ultimately, who wants to get married in Mallorca, should not hesitate too long. And feel free to contact me as wedding photographer Sarah Russ. Because I will make touching wedding pictures of you.