Wedding photography Hamburg

Wedding photography Hamburg yes I want – Emotional picture stories! And that’s exactly what I offer my bridal couples with authentic wedding photography from Hamburg. By the way you should experience your most beautiful day in your life as close and honest and vivid as possible. That’s why you get from me a touching picture story of your complete wedding, because with it you can still remember in 100 years all the details and moments of your wonderful day.

Wedding photographer Sarah Russ from Hamburg

Nevertheless, romantic and unique weddings I was already allowed to accompany. From Asian weddings in Germany because to German weddings in the Maldives. But I wedding photographer and travel lover is no place too far. Furthermore, most weddings take place but of course in my favorite city, the beautiful Hamburg. Because I live and work right here. Because sometimes I can’t believe that I get to live out my wedding photography dream in Hamburg like this.


But no matter where and how you want to celebrate. Whether loud or quiet because Whether large or small. Because you get from me exactly the photo story that suits you. Therefore, that is your story is authentic and full of life!

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