Intimate Vow Renewal in Ireland


Emily & Dave – Intimate Vow Renewal in Ireland. Married for 7 years, parents of super cute Cockerdoodle Toto for 2 years. But where are the photos from their New Years Eve wedding in Dublin, Ireland? A guest took a few photos, but unfortunately they were lost. How sad, Emily & Dave never got the precious photographs to remember their special day. When I heard this story I was shocked. However, when they told me about a desire to renew their vows in a very intimate atmosphere and location in Ireland, I was immediately hooked. The couple (and Toto) live in Ireland. Dave is Irish and Emily Venezuelan. Funny and romantic that they met through Dave’s wood-fired pizza truck business in Dublin. 

They have been married for 7 years now and are eager to possess beautiful photographs celebrating their union while using the perfect occasion to renew their vows. Everything took place in nature at their favorite Sligo mountains, Ben Bulben and Knocknarea, where they live. Most of that day was homemade. Perfect for their intimate vow renewal in Ireland. The bouquet was made from native wildflowers and the wedding vows were made on wood. The only thing new was Emily’s dress. The budget was very low and together we created such a unique and authentic day for them both. To be honest, the ceremony couldn’t have been more beautiful with the cloudy mountains framing it. Crazy also the rapid weather changes in Ireland. Upon arrival at the mountain everything was crystal clear, after half an hour the mountain was engulfed in clouds. I had such a wonderful day with the three of them that I will never forget.

“We love the pictures!!! Our family is also so happy to finally have beautiful pictures of us 🙂 1000 THANKS Sarah!”

Be sure to check out the touching slideshow first. You can also find all the pictures below.



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