Wedding photographer Maldives

As a wedding photographer in Maldives, I offer my whole heart to my couples. Because I am a storyteller and not only photograph on your wedding day. But I also photograph the sunrises and sunsets the day before. And if it’s time feasible, I’ll be there for a relaxed couple shoot the next day. And am I as a wedding photographer therefore already once on the Maldives. Then I offer my couples and clients the complete all-round package. This is exactly what I therefore offer my couples and bridal couples. Furthermore perfect is the photo package therefore in silver. Here it is quite important to make the couple shooting. Why not, because it is so important.

Therefore, here looks my last Maldives beach wedding and dream wedding

Wedding photography from Sarah Russ

Wedding photography vacationer I was of course already on site. Therefore I can only dream. The Maldives are an island nation in the Indian Ocean because southwest of Sri Lanka. The archipelago consists of several atolls and 1196 islands. Of these, 220 are inhabited by locals and another 144 are used for tourist purposes. And exactly here, therefore, can be married!

The island nation in particular has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years. Unfortunately, the continued existence of the archipelago is threatened by rising sea levels and climate change. Should you want to marry on your dream island because: Then I recommend you no longer too many years and to wait with it 😉

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